21 March 2011

Understanding March Madness

As any South African will tell you, there is only one sport you need to care about... RUGBY! Whilst living in USA I have had to toss my green and gold springbok jersey aside and open my mind up to American sports. Namely football, baseball and basketball.
March madness is a phenomenon that sends millions of basketball fans into a frenzy beginning the first week of March, lasting until the first week of April. 68 college basketball teams go head-to-head in the NCAA tournament while people cross or tick off their team selections on the piece of paper which they have usually entered into a pool at work. To be honest... i still don't get it! Give me a few years and perhaps I'll be more informative. So for now I will just sit back and watch as the 7ft giants run from left to right on my 32" tv screen.

1 comment:

  1. I can't imagine how weird it must me to see the insanity this time of year! Kudos to you for trying to understand the craziness. I'm not sure I understand it at all, and I've lived here my whole life! =)
    Kristina J.