27 August 2012

4 months of Zoey

Weight: 13lbs
Height: 25 inches
Clothing size: I have just done another wardrobe clean out. It's crazy how fast babies go through all these cute outfits! She now fits into 3 month clothing, although some brands are still a little big.
Diaper size: Size 1

Feeding: 4oz about every 2 and half hours. Sometimes she needs an extra oz and sometimes she only drinks 3oz.

Sleep: She takes a longer noon-time nap, but takes smaller 40min naps throughout the day. At night she will usually go down from about 9pm, wake up around 1am to eat and then sleep until 6 or 7am.
Milestones: She lifts her head up really high and strong when she is lying on her belly. She can roll over from her belly to her back and has rolled the other direction once. Zoey bears a lot of weight on her legs... I feel like she will be standing and walking sooner then usual.
Loves: Baths, shiny things like TV's and lights, Mommy and Daddy making funny sounds, laying in Mommy and Daddy's bed, Car rides.
Dislikes: Very loud family events... she is becoming more aware of her surroundings
Adventures: We took our first family vacation together! We went to Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Zoey was great on the car ride and enjoyed the hotel pool very much.
Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Zoey. I have really grown attached to this little human. Sometimes when she naps for too long I miss hanging out with her. The love I feel for her is unlike no other which grows stronger and stronger each and every day.

8 August 2012

Where the heck are ya?

Oh hey guys! Yeh so remember that time when I was all excited to be back on a 3x weekly blogging schedule and had so many cool ideas up my sleeve? Can you guess what kinda got in the way? 

It's been pretty hectic around here trying to keep up with working 36 hours a week, starting a website, the explosion of orders in my Etsy shop and then there is of course motherhood (phew!), housework and ferrets to be fed etc. My list could probably go on for days, but because of all these factors my beloved blog is taking a bit of a backseat these days. 

I will still keep posting sporadically (since this is my own little diary/scrapbook) but I am taking the pressure off of myself from trying to keep up with a regular schedule and then feeling terribly guilty about not posting. I hope to return in full force one day, but for now I need to make time to cuddle my little Zoey at the end of a very long day.