10 September 2012


The 9/11 memorial, NYC

As a 14 year old kid on September 11th 2001, I was sick from school and at home watching the devastating news coverage from 8000 miles away in my hometown in South Africa. Little did I know that just 9 years later I would become a permanent resident of New York and call it my home.

I have walked amongst people who experienced the events of that terrible day first hand, and heard stories of heartbreak. I have witnessed the building of the memorial since its early beginnings and slowly watched as the 1 World Trade crept up to become the tallest building in Manhattan and took it's place in the New York City Skyline.

Today I want to remember all those who lost their lives and my whole heart goes out to anybody affected by such tragedy.

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  1. Thinking about 9/11 today gives me the chills. I love your photos of the memorial. My goal in life is to see it first hand.