23 October 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes...

Hi, and welcome to the NEW and improved blog The African Llama

I decided to change the name of the blog as I feel like I am beginning a new chapter in my life. I am no longer that foreigner adjusting to life in New York (I am a New York resident now ~yay~ but not yet a US citizen ~boo~) , no longer a tourist in Manhattan (even though I still find something new everytime I walk around) and my new adventure as a parent has taken over any desire for me to spend an entire night clubbing in the city, missing that last train home and having to sleep on the floor in Grand Central Station. (Although you might still find some toned down versions of all the above here).

I am also rebranding this blog to connect with my Etsy shop. For those of you who may not know, I started creating custom applique onesies and selling on Etsy a few months ago. I have been so pleased with the feedback that I have recieved and the great customers I have connected with that I wanted to be able to bring life and personality to my shop through my blog. This means that YOU, my blog friends, will be the first to hear news about giveaways, promotions and new items which is great for all those new mommies out there. I will also focus more on DIY and share some fun projects with you that happen while baby is sleeping.

So what the heck is an African Llama? Well, you can read a little more about the name {here}

Connect with The African Llama:

facebook: www.facebook.com/theafricanllama
twitter: @theafricanllama
instagram: The African Llama
Etsy shop: www.theafricanllama.etsy.com


  1. Love the new title! And that adorable photo of you and your sweet baby girl :)


  2. Love the new blog! Heading over to check out your Etsy shop!

  3. I was wondering where you have been!! love the new blog name very unique!!

  4. LOVING the new changes Kate!! Well done x

  5. Love your blog. I've been reading along for months! My Hadley is just turning 5 months within days....I love seeing milestones etc! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE