25 October 2012

6 months of Zoey

Pumpkin Hat from ItsyStitches
Weight: 13lbs 

Height: I will measure her tonight and update asap.

Clothing size: Around 3-6 month clothing and a lot of 6 month size now fits. I just did another closet clean out. It's so sad to say goodbye to some of those cute little outfits, but luckily we have a lot of adorable replacements.

Diaper size: Size 2

Feeding: Still 5oz about every 3hrs. She has also had green beans, sweet potato, prunes and apple.

Sleep: 3 or 4 naps during the day, but is still not sleeping through the night. :(

Milestones: She is HALF A YEAR OLD! She is getting closer to sitting up on her own and has started with the ba-ba's. You can tell she really wants to crawl, but hasn't figured out how to actually move, she makes sudden lunges at objects and wants to eat everything in sight!

Loves: Her big teething ring with a rattle in the center of it, funny faces that mommy makes, sitting in her jumper, her blankies and monkey.
Dislikes: She is not too fond of solids, but I'm still working on getting her used to it.

Adventures: Zoey attended her first birthday party, we went apple and pumpkin picking this month and she also got her first cold (not much of an adventure).

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Jumper! We can put her in it for 30mins at a time while we get stuff done, and she loves it!


  1. She is so beautiful Kate! I can't believe it's been half a year... People aren't kidding when they say kids grow up in the blink of an eye! & Zoey & Beckett are total opposites. Beckett is sleeping through the night, but I'm lucky to get him to take two 30 min naps during the day. I guess we just have to take what we get ;) lol

  2. Thanks for the hat shout out! She looks SO cute in it! I absolutely CANNOT believe she's 6 months old already!! My Zoey will be 3 months old in a week and a half... AHH! Time flies. :)

  3. Ah! She's getting so big :) I love her little beanie... too, too adorable for words!


  4. HAPPY 6 MONTHS :) she is getting so big!!