28 November 2012

7 Months of Zoey

headband available {here}

Weight: 14lbs 

Height: around 22 or 23 inches

Clothing size: 6 month clothing is fitting well, although she wears size 3 pants

Diaper size: Size 2

Feeding: Still 4oz - 6oz bottles every 3 hours. 2 tbsp cereal & 1/2 jar of fruit in the morning and 1/2 jar of veggies in the evening.

Sleep: She/We are still not sleeping through the night :( She takes 3 naps a day (50mins in the morning and afternoon and about 2hrs midday)

Milestones: She said "DADA!" which is fitting since she is Daddy's little princess. She can now sit up nicely on her own and can crawl! (Mostly backwards and army-style) This was a big month for milestones!

Loves: Chewing everything, her jumper & Sesame Street (especially Elmo of course)

Dislikes: Waking up on her belly after she tossed and turned in her sleep.

Adventures: Zoey celebrated her 1st Halloween & Thanksgiving. Thankfully we also survived Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm (her first snow!) and no heat or power for 12 long days.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Zoey's new snowsuit which she wore for the entire time our house had no heat. Grandpa, who took us in after he regained power and her jumper (again) which helps entertain her since she cant sit still for a second.


  1. beautiful little girl! and she's so little! my little man is 3 months now and probably close to 15 pounds!! he loves the boob too much i guess :)

  2. So glad y'all are okay after all the crazy weather.

    She's beautiful. Loving all that pretty hair!

  3. I love her hair, its so pretty. For some reason every time you update I only see it once in a blue moon & it still takes me to your old page!! But I'm pretty sure I'm a follower on this one too!! Confusing me!! Happy seven months :) I love the christmas onsies below!! I'm going to go check them out right now!! I want to have 25 outfits for 25 days of christmas, it may be a bit ridiculous, but I love Christmas time, & those onsies are SO cute. great job on them :)!!

  4. She's so cute! Look at that full head of hair :) Must had been such an adventure surviving without power for 12 days... you are supermom!


  5. Awww, she says dada!? I'm sure that just makes your guys' hearts melt :)

  6. Ah Kate, she is very precious... I love the way EVERYTHING goes into their mouths!
    Her milestones are so impressive too, well done Zoey! My little SJ is super lazy and is refusing to even attempt to crawl!

    I'm so sorry she isn't sleeping well at night. Wish we knew how to change it because it makes such a difference!!
    Does she wake to feed or just awake?

  7. She is so precious! Love her headband :)
    I tagged you in a post today!