3 November 2012

A Post Sandy Update!

Hi everybody from a damp cold and dark New York.

Hurricane Sandy hit us 6 days ago and I have finally found a place to plug in my laptop and some miracle WIFI to connect to. I feel like I have been totally cut off from the outside world. Until today, I had only seen the devastation from my car window, but am totally shocked as I turn on a television for the first time and take in all the tragedy and heartbreak especially coming out of our neighbour, New Jersey.

Although it has been tough for us with no power or heat, especially with a sick baby and the cold temperatures, but today we moved to my father in law's apartment since he regained power and at least we will have a house to return to whenever our power is restored.

If you would like to donate to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Fund, please click here.

Here are a few pictures from around the neighbourhood, mostly just down trees and electrical wires. Nothing compared to the pictures I am seeing from NJ.



  1. Oh my goodness, have been wondering about you guys! so glad you are all safe.
    We literally flow our of NY just in time...and it was so surreal to watch all the footage on TV, knowing we had been walking those streets just a few days earlier.
    Thinking of you all...

  2. I am just so relieved you're OK! It's been awful watching on the news... Thinking of you! Big hugs

    PS. Love the new blog :)

  3. Those pics are so sad, and even worse thinking of the poor people in NJ!!
    So glad you are all okay and have found some warmth and comfort with your father-in-law x

  4. Wow. Looks like things hit pretty hard over there. But glad you're okay.

  5. So heartbreaking. I'm happy to hear you're all safe, and I hope the little one feels better soon. <3