25 January 2012

Little and pink

Aren't baby clothes just the cutest things ever? 
Especially little girl clothes.
Its hard to imagine that there is soon going to be a tiny little body to fill all the adorable outfits that I've accumulated so far. 
I'm so excited for all things pink and sparkly with ribbons and bows.


  1. OMW....yay....i cant wait!!!! HAPPINESS <3 love you....TOO NUNU

  2. These clothes are darling! I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did I love it! Please check out my blog and follow me back if you like it (;

    xo your newest follower

  3. It's hard to resist baby clothes. I'm always finding the cutest things for my best friend's daughter. :)


  4. oh my goodness i love baby clothes and i'm not even expecting... baby girl clothes are just the sweetest... i cant wait to have a daughter one day he he!

    ps: congratulations =) xo

    pebbz| www.pebbzblog.blogspot.com

  5. OH yes they are!!! Pink ones for sure! I enjoy your blog as I am sharing the stages of pregnancy from afar w/ my dear DIL and son in Texas. I'm in SC. I feel I can see what the changes are weekly from your posts. Thank you! I asked her to take pics and share of the changes but she hasn't as of yet. I think she is leery that something might happen to the baby. Maybe now that she finished the first trimester, she might!!! I should forward her your site, but not sure how she would take that. Blessings to you on the soon to be most wonderful day of your life!!!!!!