28 June 2012

Design questions

Kirstey is a South African living in Boston, MA and has an inspiring decor blog South of the Sahara.
She recently tagged me with a few questions and although I usually don't participate in "tagged posts" I thought her questions were fun and provided a little insite into my love of art and design.
1. How long have you been interested in interior decorating interior decorating/ photography/ fabric design/ ceramics /writing/ whatever artistic endeavour it is that moves you?

I was always encouraged to be creative growing up. Instead of spending all our time sat infront of the TV as children, my sister and I were always coming up with creative ways to play and spent a lot of time building and making things along with painting and drawing. Later in life, I travelled a lot and after so many years I was yearning for a place that I could call home. When I finally settled down in New York I got to explore my love for home decor.
2. How does this passion keep you energized about life? 

I love the excitement and anicipation of starting a new project and then being able to look at it and say "I made that!" There is nothing better then starting a new exciting DIY!
3. How does being African inform your art and passion?

I find myself wanting to be surrounded with little pieces of Africa to remind me of home. Wether it's adding a piece of art on the wall, painting a picture, sewing "Africa" onesies or decorating an entire room to reflect my homeland; I enjoy having those tiny reminders in my life.

4. I realize I bring Africa into my home. Do you? How?

Definatly! My living room is my little "Ode to Africa" with earthy tones with splashes of bright "modern Africa" colors. I have also got a lot of Africa inspired artwork hanging on my walls. I had fun decorating my daughter's nursery with African animals too!

5. What is your favourite indulgence?

Besides the drawer full of butterscotch candies next to my bed? Craft supplies! I have so much scrapbooking stuff that I could probably re-fill an entire store! The sad thing is that I hardly have time to scrapbook anymore.
6. Any words of wisdom you can share?

Don't be scared of DIY! I cut so many costs when decorating my home by doing a lot of things myself. I also never buy artwork because something homemade is a lot more sentimental.


  1. Love love love the giraffe on the wall - I may have to copy one day :)


  2. I love the wooden Africa carving and the giraffe in the nursery! :) Great reading your answers Kate.


  3. Thanks for doing this! Great to see your answers :)