24 June 2012

Mommy Monday: 2 months of Zoey

Weight: 10lbs exactly! Up 1.4lbs from last month.
Height: 22 inches

Clothing size: She is fitting into her 0-3 month clothing which is fun because we were constantly rotating her small amount of NB clothes.

Diaper size: Size 1
Feeding: I was breastfeeding and pumping but she has now taken to the bottle and refuses to breast feed. My milk supply took a dip, but I have been working hard to build it up again and after about 2 weeks of constant pumping, taking fenugreek supplements and drinking "mothers milk tea" I seem to finally have got it back up to something substantial, although I still supplement with formula most nights. Zoey drinks 3.5oz every 2 and a half  to 3 hours.
Sleep: A couple of days ago she slept from 10:30pm to 5am!!! AMAZING!!! That is the longest she has ever slept, but most nights she goes down for 3 to 4 hours.

Milestones: According to this milestone chart Zoey is still hitting all the "advanced" milestones! She is so alert and rewards us with BIG smiles and "talking" all the time. Her neck is really strong, she bears weight on her legs and does mini push ups when she is laying on my chest. She has recently become fasinated with her hands which she enjoys sucking on far more then her pacifier.
Loves: Singing and dance parties with Mommy and Daddy (I recommend the "Elmo" channel on Pandora)looking up at her tiger that lights up on her play mat, swinging and bouncing for a limited time, walks in her stroller, eating, being held and sleeping on her belly next to Mama on the sofa.
Dislikes: We're still having big issues with gas and major acid reflux problems. She doesn't like being left in her swing or on her mat for too long and sometimes gets frustrated with tummy time.
Adventures: Zoey made her first trip into Manhattan! We also spent a day at Coney Island and visited the New York aquarium. Starting from next week Zoey will start coming to work with me which will be an adventure in itself! A less enjoyable adventure was when Zoey choked while sleeping and stopped breathing for 2 minutes. I called 911 but just as the paramedics arrived I was able to get her to breath again but we rode in the ambulance and had her checked out in the ER just in case. It was a really scary experience, but hopefully we have her reflux problem under control with some medicine.
Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: My mom! She has really been a lifesaver. She leaves to go back home to South Africa in a couple of weeks which I think will be a huge reality check for us. Our "swaddleme" and vibrating bouncer at night time. The EMT responders who calmed us down after the choking episode. Fenugreek for helping me with my milk supply.


  1. Yay, you're back! She has gotten so big :) So scary about the choking incident, I'm so glad she's ok!


  2. Her hair cracks me up. She has so much of it! What a cutie!

    I think I'm going to give fenugreek a try. I've never heard of mother's milk tea!

  3. Oh man choking, that's my BIGGEST fear, it's so scary when they're so tiny and you can't help them. Glad everything turned out okay!

  4. Again, so glad you're back! I enjoy your posts. :) I hope everything gets better with her acid reflux! :( And no more scary adventures, Miss Z!

  5. She's growing so fast! Hopefully that was the last reflux issue.


  6. She is adorable! Riley is doing mini push ups, too! I love it. I think it's so neat to see how these peanuts have evolved in the past two months. :)