6 June 2012

Getting organized!

My body is (still) recovering from a c-section and just pregnancy in general (come on ligaments!); I'm going to bed late, getting up every 3 hours, and then waking up way too early; trying to keep up with baby laundry (forget about mine), grocery shopping and trying to find time to eat between feeding, burpings, diaper changes and a lot of shhhhhh'ing.

I've reached 6 weeks post partum which means it's time to get this body into some kind of shape, I also want to gain control over getting things done around the house (like meal planning) and soon I'll be heading back to work (with my little one in tow) so I'll be juggling it ALL!

It's time to get organized!

That being said, I've decided to take a little blogging break in order to give myself some breathing space. BUT I hope you will stick around because I'm pretty excited about what I have instore around here after my short hiatus.
When I come back, I'll be keeping a regular schedule with posts uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will also be introducing a couple of new series like: "Mommy Mondays" and "A New York Minute". There will be DIY, recipes and life updates.
In the mean time, you can keep up with my adventures via twitter and instagram (username: saffakate) and if you are in the mood for a little shopping, head over to The African Llama (I'm very excited about introducing more items into my shop soon too!) 


  1. Seriously, I feel you. And I don't even have an adorable little one to look after. My goal is to post Mon, Weds, Fri - but usually only ends up being two posts instead of 3 :/ Enjoy your well deserved break!


  2. Wow! Your life sounds so busy right now and I can not even imagine how tiring it all must be! Go have a break! And I'll definitely be here when you return!

  3. I feel for you! My son came before we even had the nursery done! Good luck and I can't wait for your new posts!

  4. Good for you! Take your break and enjoy the last little bit before heading back to work.

  5. That sounds super busy and I'm very happy you're not leaving blogging altogether!
    I still want to feature your blog on my radio show... just haven't had a chance yet -haven't started the feature... what were you saying about getting organized?? Haha! I need to do the same

  6. Take your break, mama! You deserve it! Can't wait to see your posts again! :) I started following you on Instagram... I'm elbylol. <3

  7. Gosh, sounds like a break is totally in order... maybe you when you get back into things you might want to check this out - I tagged you! http://southofthesahara.blogspot.com/2012/06/tagged-im-it.html