4 December 2012

2 Years

2 years ago, in a simple ceremony in Central Park, New York I married my soulmate.
Each year around December 4th we visit "The Ladies Pavilion" and refect on our year. This has probably been the best year of my life and although we have had our struggles trying to juggle working full time jobs, going back to university and parenthood, we know that we can always count on eachother.
I love you Mike. You are my everything!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Kate!! I absolutely love the annual pics and what an incredible journey for you both (and now Zoey too!) x

  2. Happy 2 year anniversary! You have such a beautiful family :)

  3. That is super cool! I love following your blog and wish you guys lots of happy more years!

  4. Happy Anniversary! my parents (and both my aunts) are also on the 4th December!