27 September 2011

1940's New York

When I walk the streets of Manhattan, I find myself looking up at some on the very old buildings and wondering what life must have been like here years ago. I love to look at old photographs of places I know and have been to to see how much things have changed, but most of the time they are in black and white leading you to only imagine the colors and vibe. JG Mango has curated a capsule of photographs from the Charles Cushman Collection. All in color, the photographs depict New York City life in the 1940’s.

NY's lower East Side

Stores near corner of Baruch Pl. and Broome St. Lower East Side

Drinks stand at Bowling Green

Collecting salvage on the Lower East Side

Jewish residents of lower Clinton St.

Hot Potatoes on Sidewalk Store
McSorley's Old Ale House. E. 7th St.

Peter Minuit Plaza lower Manhattan


  1. I actually think that's why I was a little disappointed with New York when I visited. In my brain, it should've looked like an old movie.


  2. These pictures are so cool! It so interesting to think about what New York was like in that time period.

    star-crossed smile