26 September 2011

Spending the day at the Bronx Zoo with my pregnancy brain.

I love the zoo. For a long time I wanted to become a Zoo Keeper (okay, I still do!) So when a coupon for 25% off popped up in my email, I jumped at a chance to get to spend the day at the world famous Bronx Zoo.

The tickets sat in my handbag for a couple of weeks thanks to the endless rain that seems to hit New York every weekend, until yesterday when (even with an afternoon shower prediction) we drove to the Bronx so that I could get my gorilla sighting fix. We parked the car and made sure we had everything. Wallet? Check! Phone? Check! Camera? ~THUD! (That is the sound of my heart dropping as I realize my little black camera is sitting on the TV stand back home waiting for me to pick it up after the battery was charged.) My mind started racing as to whether or not I was about to get back in my car and sacrifice over an hour of zoo time after just paying $12 for parking. Mike soon snapped me out of it and off we went to enjoy a camera-free zoo adventure.

We had not gotten far (to the butterfly garden to be exact) when I realized I had thrown our tickets in the trash just after we had made our way through the entrance. The exact tickets that we would need to get into the super cool exhibits (like the very gorilla enclosure I had come all this way to see). In my defence, I had decided to go handbag-less that day and there was no way I was carrying around those useless scraps of paper that I had yet to realize held the key to the total Bronx Zoo experience. So there I was, 5 minutes into our trip, fishing through the trash like a homeless man for the tickets while families with small children (and cameras) looked on in disgust.

After retrieving our Golden tickets we were free to enjoy the rest of the day pretty much incident free. Mike got to see lions for the first time and I got to see my beautiful Gorillas, which always amaze me with their human-like gestures. There were just too many fascinating animals to see and smell (oh, camels!) and after 4 hours of non-stop walking my pregnant feet were DONE for the day and could barely make it back to the car.

Halfway through the trip I did realize that in the day and age cellphones double as cameras so I did manage to snap a few pics like a good blogger.

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  1. Wow, your phone takes some decent pictures. :)