22 September 2011

A tribute to Summer 2011

Dear Summer

Today is our last day together and I can tell you are sad by the low-lying grey clouds outside. Cheer up! Soon you will get to hang out in the Southern Hemisphere and we will be reunited when I go home for Christmas. Although it feels like you only just arrived the other day, we have had some great adventures together during your visit.

I will never forget the breath taking views after our hike up High Tor and getting so close and personal with some deer on our camping trip was one of my life's top moments. We chased storms while eating pizza, hung out with family, went to a few roller derby matches and got to watch one of the craziest Broadway shows in town. On a personal note: I finally became a US resident, the hubby and I toasted our 6 month wedding anniversary in the very spot we were married and a couple of months later we found out we were expecting our very first Llambok.

Although I will miss trips to the beach, bbqing on the weekends and eating way too much Rita's Italian ice, it is time to move on and tomorrow Fall will take your place. (please tell him to be kind!) Summer, you truely outdid yourself this year and I look forward to seeing you again and introducing you to my little Llambok next year.

All my love,


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