23 May 2012

1 Month of Zoey

I could be cliche and say how much time has flown but, to be honest, I can hardly remember a life without my little Zoey. This month we have adjusted to life with a newborn and even the sleepless nights are starting to getting a little more tolerable. It's not always easy but whenever I look down at that angelic face I instantly fall in love with her all over again.

Lets kick off the first month check in shall we?

Weight: Not sure yet since we're only going back to the doctor in a couple of days. 2 weeks ago she weighed 7.8lbs so I'm almost sure she is over 8lbs by now.

Height: 21.5 inches (2.25 inch growth since birth)

Clothing size: She is still wearing NB clothes but I cant wait for her to start fitting into 0-3 months since we've had to constantly rotate the few items that fit.

Diaper size: Newborn but we're on the cusp of size 1

Feeding: I'm pumping most of the time since then I know that she is getting enough breast milk (she drinks 2.5oz) but I occasionally breastfeed and she does great with the transition from bottle to breast. I've had to supplement once with formula because I couldn't pump enough one day.

Milestones: According to this milestone chart Zoey is top of her class! She is lifting her head up when lying on her belly, responding to sounds, staring at faces, follows objects with her eyes, ooh's and aah's, and is even smiling! (we have yet to capture that on film) My mom saw her give a bit of a laugh and I've heard her laughing in her sleep (like her dad).

Loves: Being fed, baths, sleeping on top of mommy at 3am, being held and rocked, mommy singing "All the pretty girls" by Fun

Dislikes: Gas! (not fun for mommy or daddy either), laying flat on her back, being put down.

Adventures: We've had a few family outings in which she has been very well behaved. Our big adventure this month was to The New York Botanical Gardens on Mother's Day. Granny takes her for very long walks almost everyday which she loves too!

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Gripe water! My mom, who usually takes her for a few hours in the morning so that we can get some sleep and my Madela Pump in Style breast pump.

1...2...3...4 weeks



  1. cute! Looks like she's a little star!

  2. My little man is a week old today and I totally agree with you on the gripe water! He would get so gassy in the evenings and 1/4 tsp completely calms his tummy down. I love how your documenting month to month, and I'm thinking I'll do the same :) Little Zoey is adorable, you are certainly very blessed!

  3. Look at that hair!!! I just love it :) I'm about a week or so late on my "One month of Jack" post. Hopefully I"ll get on that tonight.

  4. What a pretty baby! Look at those eyes!

  5. She is gorgeous!! Has it seriously already been a month?? It definitely doesn't seem like it. I love her hair!

  6. How sweet! And I love the song you sing to her. One of my favorites. :)


  7. Oh my goodness, look at that full head of beautiful blond hair! She is absolutely stunning Kate - you and your hubs did a great job! I really hope I can meet up with you in New York this September and meet the little love ball in person :)


  8. She is so sweet! I love the 1 week to 4 weeks pictures! It's amazing how fast they grow! So happy for you guys :)

  9. She is so super tiny, eh? And very cute. I love "dislike: being put down" who would want to put that cute one down? ;)

  10. She is so cute! Love her little expressions!

  11. so sweet! it definitely flies by, i completely understand what you mean! she is just precious

  12. Aw she's too cute! She's beautiful!