11 April 2011

Ferret Love

Introducing... Gumby!

This past weekend was a very exciting one in the Alvarez household. For the longest time, Mike and I have wanted a pet ferret and after many spare hours spent eyeballing the cute little fur balls at our local Pet store, we finally took the plunge this Saturday and obtained our new family member. As soon as we saw our beloved ferret curled up in the litter box of the cage we demanded that he be ours and that we were taking him home! After a very exciting car ride, we set Gumby (named after the green clay figure from the old kid's tv show) loose in his new apartment. It took him only a few minutes to discover the soil in my flower pot and we realized we had a bit more 'ferret-proofing' to do! Gumby is a such a fireball and spent ages playing, sniffing out his new hiding spots and getting into mischief, he later passed right out and had a snooze with daddy. We love our new 'son' very much, welcome home Gumby!


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