21 April 2011

oooooooo... we half way there!

Who knew one little card could make me so happy?!? Well on Tuesday afternoon when this little sucker arrived in the mail it took me a while to stop my happy dance. My husband eventually grew tired of my obnoxious "I'M LEGAL!" song and I calmed down to examine my new "Employment Authorization Card" (my first photo I.D with my new name, YAY!) courtesy of the US government. I am officially one step closer to becoming an American citizen.

This little piece of plastic allows me to work and to finally leave the US (or more importantly allow me back in!) Alas, there were no last minute flights to South Africa so unfortunately my Easter vacation shall not be spent back home. :( But a trip shall be made soon, perhaps after the Summer.

Immigration kinda sucks. But after filling it about 9 different forms and sending the government more money then my car is worth, I am finally seeing the results. YAY YAY U.S.A!

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  1. aw, congratulations :)

    i love your tattoo.. it's so sweet!