15 April 2011

That weekend feeling

Its FRIDAY! woohoo!

I love the feeling that Fridays bring, especially a lovely sunny Friday like today. Spring is surrounding us with beautiful colours, lush grass between our toes and wide open car windows.

With the warmer weather upon us, salads are a lunch-time must but I have always been a bit boring when it comes to eating my greens. So in the spirit of more exciting lunch time dining I shall share with you today's lunch: Roasted Apple and Cheddar Salad

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow firstly that salad looks scrumptious. But the real reason I stopped by was to say thank you for your awesome travel tips! I seriously giggled at the vaseline in nose things...but seriously you HAVE to! I always catch something on planes.

    I'm loving your blog by the way, what an adventurous couple of years you've had!


  2. Being a South African who has always wanted to travel to the US, but hasn't yet, I love reading all about your adventures and the things you get up to:) .. Its like a fairytale. And I like the fact that you and your husband are so adventurous and fun. It's sweet.