17 April 2011

My Sunday Project: Gallery Wall

I call this my Sunday Project, but to be honest, I have actually been slowly working on our "Gallery Wall" ever since we moved into our apartment in December. I do mean slowly though... collecting various cool picture frames from different stores over the past few months, finding just the right pictures to print out and collecting/making up some artwork. Today was finally the day that I dedicated to finishing my little domestic project.

Please note: I usually rush things and can't be bothered to follow the guide lines like first cutting out newspaper silhouettes of your picture frames and hanging them on the wall to see how it will look which is shown how to do here

My stack of things to be hung:

Instead of using nails (I want my deposit back!) I used these sticky Velcro picture frame hangers. MUCH EASIER then nails and easy to correct skew mounting! yay!



I want to keep changing and adding new things to this wall. I defiantly need something to represent South Africa since I already have my map of New York and my 2 Peruvian Llamas to represent all our different cultures.


  1. over from YHL - I love the dark frames. I'm totally waffleing back and forth between white (like John and Sherry) and dark like yours. I love them both, but I need to decide (and paint one batch of frames or the other LOL)

  2. Love the Letters "M" and "K". I got them from Michael's. Did you?

    great blog by the way. check mine out if you ever have a chance :