9 April 2011

Torpedo of DOOM!

Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour landed in New York city last night and after watching a tv segment at 5pm about how ticket sales were bombing and selling for as low as $5 I decided to drive down to NYC with my friend to try get in on some of the crazy before Sheen either dies of a drug overdose or his 15min of fame run out.

Unfortunatly, when we got to Radio City Music Hall (and after paying an insane $9 for street parking) we became lost in the ticket scalping game. I am quite a loser when it comes to things like that. It is against my natural instinct to walk up to dodgy, homeless looking gentleman and hand over money for a piece of paper that I don't even know is legit. In my mind the evening would have gone something like this: Run to Radio City Music Hall, arrive last minute, people are desperate to get rid of their tickets, we quickly get 2 tickets at $15 a pop and we gracefully head inside for a good laugh and probably a lot of disspointment. BUT, instead, this is how the evening really turned out: Run to Radio City Music Hall, arrive last minute with about 30 other people looking for tickets, go up to a few people who turned out wern't scalpers, bumped into 1 guy only selling for Sunday's show, got asked out for coffee by a French Canadian who didn't know who Charlie Sheen was, got cold waiting outside for 30min, it began to rain and we headed back to Westchester to watch Russell Brand's new movie "Arthur". So, although our mission was a total failure at least we tried and ended up having a fun adventure anyways.

This is me trying to get 2 tickets... yeh, im a big dork!


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