4 October 2011

Sisterly Lurve!

I have a sister.
She lives 8000 miles away.
She blogs over ~here~

Today I am wishing my dearest big sister a very happy birthday.
I have always looked up to her. When we were younger she was always so creative and fun (she still is) and she really inspired me to be more creative and fun in my own life.
She always came up with the most fun imaginary games to play and birthday party themes (which I would copy at my own party a few weeks later).
We had this creative writing game in our PC where she would come up with fascinating stories and I would always sneak hack into her account to read the latest chapter of her "book" without her knowing.
(Until now. whoops!).

Happy Birthday Tracey!
I made you this virtual cupcake, since sending birthday cake via airmail could get messy.


  1. hah awh! that is so sweet :) You two are a cute pair of sissys! I want to wish her a happy birthday because who doesn't love random peeps wishing them happy birthday? Exactly.

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. Heya ... aww thanks sis- this just made my day :) Never knew you read my stuff - was that on that wierd computer programme with the blue dude? Thanks Candace ... it is always cool to get random wishes :D

  3. aw so sad she is so far away! hopefully she can come once you have the baby!

  4. even though it's virtual, that's a cute cake!
    that is a very sweet post.


  5. Happy Birthday! Very sweet post!