17 October 2011

Weekend Update ~ Birthday Edition

Between working 11 hour days, fighting off headaches and building a baby in my uterus, by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I'm totally pooped which normally results in weekends of take outs, Netflix marathons and pure laziness. This weekend I decided to make a bit of an effort since it was my birthday.

My husband picked me up from work on Friday afternoon and made me swear not to look in the back seat of the car. (Trust him to go birthday shopping just hours before picking me up!) P.S. I'm only kidding... he does night shift and I usually have the car during the day so he had no other time. After getting home and taking a shower, I walked back into our room to find candles lit and not one, but TWO bunches of flowers!

I was then in full fledged birthday mode and demanded to open the couple of international birthday packages that I had been staring at all week from my mom and my best friend. Mike got me the "Bridesmaids" dvd which was super sweet because he knew how much I was dying to watch it, and its not available on Netflix for another 2 LONG weeks. He then took me out to The Melting Pot for dinner which I have been dying to try out for over 2 years now. We wined soda'd and dined on an amazing 4 course fondue feast and were totally stuffed and ready to Zzzz after we were done.

On Saturday we slept in for a little bit and then took a drive upstate for a Fall essential and something that I have never done before - APPLE PICKING!

The sun was shining, but the air was crisp and Autumny and totally perfect. After admiring the massive pumpkins (anyone have an extra $250 lying around to spend on a vegetable?) we headed up the hill to the apple orchard with our empty sack and long pole. Ten minutes and only about 4 apples later, Mike came up with the genius idea of just climbing the apple trees and picking off the good ones all the way at the top. After only a few minutes of tree climbing, picking, dropping, catching and bagging we had a whole sack full of delicious apples and felt pretty proud of our strategy.

After all that intense labor, we treated ourselves to donuts and warm apple cider for the drive home.

Does anyone have some apple recipes for me? I have a whole sack full of Macintosh's screaming to be sliced, chopped, backed, stewed or fried.


  1. Is apple cider the same thing as apple juice but with Cinnamon.. I never quite understood the difference..

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. Sounds like an amazing birthday weekend! I've also been dying to see Bridesmaids - I never saw it when it was in theatre in SA :(

    Can't wait to see bump updates soon :)


  3. Haha. Building a baby should wear you out. Glad you had a great birthday!