5 October 2011

To be (or what not to be)

Halloween is coming and although I don't have any plans (yet) I still love looking for costumes since Halloween in South Africa is not as celebrated as it is here in The States (not by a long shot!) 
I usually end up putting something together VERY last minute using stuff I find around the house. (Thanks to my major low budget!) These are the things I usually come up with:

Goth Cyndi Lauper & Zombie Doll
This year I really want to take advantage of the pregnancy costumes because I find them hilarious (even though my belly won't be too large by then). Here are some costumes I've come across:

I wonder if I could convince Mike to wear some yellow shorty shorts?
Have any prego Halloween outfit suggestions?
What are you dressing up as this Halloween?


  1. hahahah oh my goodness that last one with the skeletons is amazing. i think you should wear that but not just for halloween hahaha so good.

    yesssss if you are ever near philly definitely make a stop at the wegmans nearby.. it's seriously amazing. you will NEVER find bad produce or anything like taht and they have an insane selection and it's so clean and pretty. there are tons of different food bars to try too.. like sushi and bubble tea and pizza and ahh just amazingness.

  2. You can't do the Juno one! I would strongly object to you using her as a halloween costume - one of my fav movies!! No slagging :) I also loike the last one - pretty halarious! Love ya!

  3. haha i love the bun in the oven costume!