12 December 2011

Ooooooh! We're halfway there.

The weeks are diminishing and as I enter the second half of my pregnancy I can hardly believe that in 4 short months I'll be a mommy. 

Besides the occasional heartburn, painful lower back, an emotional outbreak (or two) and having to refuse that glass of wine at dinner, I've hardly felt pregnant up until this week.
All of a sudden the belly is getting bigger, my core strength has disappeared (nothing makes you feel more pregnant then having your husband pull you out of bed) and a grocery shopping trip leaves me feeling like I have just run the comrades marathon.  

Since finding out that we are having a baby girl, it has all of a sudden become a lot more real. We have had a girl name picked out for a few months (which we are keeping secret until she arrives) so it's been fun practicing saying it out loud and thinking of all the times we'll be yelling calling that name out it in the future. Another factor that adds to the reality of this whole 'baby in the belly' thing is that I've started feeling her move more and more. At first I had no idea what I was feeling because it felt like a very faint muscle twitch. A week later I felt stronger movement which made me burst out laughing because it was so ticklish. At the 20 week scan I was looking at the monitor when I felt a "twitch" and saw her move her arm at the same time which reassured me that I wasn't just making it all up, this little human being was squirming and very much active in there. After that, I started feeling both the legs and arms moving about on both sides of my belly, lets hope that with all this activity she loves swimming like her Mama or is a tennis star like her Dad. Sometimes I prod back and talk to her which makes her move more and makes my heart sing! I can't wait for Mike to start feeling his daughter too.

With 19 weeks left until baby Llambok arrives I feel ready, yet so unprepared. 

To be done

Move to bigger apartment with a room for the nursery
Paint nursery
Purchase crib and mattress (on sale for Black Friday, woop!)
Buy baby's 1st stuffed animal (a big grey elephant)
Begin baby registry
Find out sex
Choose a name
Pick a middle name
Make space for baby's clothes in the closet/drawers
Pick out bedding
Make sure we have receiving blankets, burp clothes etc.
Set up changing table
Get all the big stuff like car seats and strollers
Get as much sleep as possible before baby arrives
Research and book hospital classes (birthing/breast feeding/parenting)
Tour the hospital
Stock up on diapers
Pack hospital bag
Make a plan for someone to feed our fur-son while we're in the hospital
Get calling card to call South Africa on D-day
Choose pediatrician

Is there anything I'm missing?


  1. I like the checklist - helpful for me! You've got quite a bit done so far! I wouldn't be worried :) So happy you are getting to feel your baby girl move around... it's so exciting!

  2. Love seeing all those pics!

    And no advice from me...I know absolutely nothing!

  3. Oh you are so cute! I love the baby bump! It makes me have baby fever! <3

  4. Wow! I can't imagine how that must feel having a little person not only growing inside you, but now moving around to get comfortable. Surreal!
    Um... as for advice - it seems like you have a great checklist there, but then again, I wouldn't really know ;-) LOL!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  5. I will give you the BEST tip ever for diapers!!! Order them from Amazon!!! They have a subscribe and save program for mommy's and daddy's. You save 20% off of diapers and wipes with free shipping!!! And they also have a subscribe and save for like baby wash, shampoo, and lotions and those are 15% off with free shipping too!!

  6. @Kristen

    Awesome! Thanks for that tip. I didn't even think to order diapers from Amazon.