1 December 2011

The time we almost eloped in Vegas!

Almost 1 year ago, Mike and I got married in what I feel was the most perfect way possible.
But just 1 month prior to that, we were still planning  on flying to Vegas to elope!
We thought we would do a "quick" Vegas wedding and then perhaps a year later renew our vows in a bigger ceremony in front of family and friends.

I had purchased my "Vegas" wedding dress and statement red shoes.
We had reviewed all the legal gargin and located the Nevada wedding registry.
We had chosen the cheesy chapel where we were going to get hitched.
I'd picked out the all-in-one flowers, suit rental, limo ride and photo package that we were going with,
and the plane tickets were almost booked.

But then at the very last minute (exactly 1 month before our wedding date) we changed our minds.
Ha ha!

I was on the phone with the wedding coordinator in Vegas and something made me hesitate when the exact "wedding package" wasn't available for the exact date that we really wanted as our wedding day.
Also, after hearing news of our plans, the guest list seemed to be growing and growing; so we decided to spare everyone a trip all the way across the country (especially my parents after already travelling halfway across the world) and tie the knot a little bit closer to home, in The Big Apple.

So, although a Vegas wedding would have been fun, adventurous and would make one heck of a great story (and I STILL have my short, sassy Vegas wedding dress) I am so happy that things turned out the way that they did.

So how did the big day go down? And where did we eventually get hitched?
Well, that's a story for another day. (Tomorrow to be exact. Stay tuned!)


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