2 December 2011

Our Wedding Day

As if I haven't reminded you enough, this weekend is my 1 year wedding anniversary.
I was not a blogger back then, so to mark this special date I am recapping the day here and now.

Like many other girls, I have dreamt of my wedding day for years and years. I used to love paging through wedding magazines and picking out my dream dress, flowers, ring, table settings etc.
The funny thing is that when it came down to actually planning my "big day", none of that material stuff even mattered. All I wanted was to be with Mike and to seal our bond forever.

I have never been too traditional and I knew that my wedding wouldn't be either.
After our plan to elope in Vegas failed, we came up with the most perfect location:
Central Park, New York!
Sure, some might call me crazy for having an outdoor wedding in Winter; but at least it kept most of the tourists away and even though the temperature was close to freezing, I never felt a thing in my strapless dress thanks to the adrenalin pumping through my body at 100 miles per hour.

That morning I got dressed at the B&B that my parents were staying at. I did all of my own hair and makeup with some help from my mom and sister of course.

My family and I all piled into my parents rented minivan and with my Dad driving in New York City for the first time in his life (with me leaning over him shouting directions and telling him to use the horn more) we sped down Central Park West to arrive at the entrance of the park only a few minutes late for my own wedding!

My dad walked me down the "isle" to the Ladies Pavilion where my very handsome husband-to-be was waiting for me with a smile on his face that was completely priceless.

Our ceremony was short and sweet and both my mom and Mike's dad read passages out of the Bible before we exchanged vows which left very few dry eyes.
All that was running through my head was "I cannot believe this is happening!" and before I even knew it we had said our "I do's" and were declared husband and wife.


  1. love your wedding photos. you look so beautiful.

    i'm your new follower. I would love to have your support in return.

    Happy Anniversary ! :D

  2. These pictures are beautiful!

  3. what a fabulous place to get married!!! you look beautiful x

  4. Aww what a beautiful wedding! The diamonds in your roses add just the perfect touch! You two are too cute :)


  5. eish ... asile my sister, tis spelt asile! :D

  6. Central Park in New York City is definitely a romantic place to hold a wedding. Wee! This is definitely one of those unforgettable moments where you just want to sing your hearts out! You look so good together, girl. Best wishes! :]