14 December 2011



Most of the time I enjoy packing because it usually means that I'm going on a trip. After living in a bazillion (that's a real number) different places all over the globe, I'm pretty much a packing expert by now.

But, when you realise 3 days before you fly that the international baggage rules have changed and now only allow for 1 checked suitcase and you've already promised your friend that you would bring over a whole suitcase of theirs that got left behind when they left the country, well, that is a bit of a challenge.

So I've managed to squeeze 3 weeks worth of clothes, shoes and accessories for both Mike and myself into 1 small shared suitcase that is already 3/4 full of Christmas gifts and hoping that the seams hold out for the 16 hour journey.

Here goes nothing!


  1. I love packing to go on a trip. Hate packing to come back. Weird, I know ;-)
    Have a VERY SAFE trip - I hope you get lots of leg room ;-)
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. Ug, good luck! Packing is so hard! Be safe and have fun! :D

    P.S. if you have internet on the plane you should enter my giant giveaway (or you can when you reach your destination, I just figured it'd give you something to do. haha!)!

  3. Hsve a safe flight and enjoy every minute of being back! I'm sure your fam are stoked to spend to with you! Lekker!