6 February 2012

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 week, 3 days
Maternity clothes? I think I should buy some new shirts, but tank tops and sweaters are working just fine in this unusually warm winter weather.
Stretch marks? None :)
Sleep: Have had a few rough nights!
Best moment this week: Glucose and all the other tests came back looking good!
Miss Anything? Drinking beer on Super Bowl Sunday.
Movement: Yes all the time!
Food cravings: Nothing exciting!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Baby girl has wedged up into the right side of my rib cage and its the most painful thing. Any tips from other Mommys out there? 
Have you started to show yet: yes, people have been telling me that I don't look 7 months pregnant. Trust me! I FEEL like I am.
Labour Signs: Think I started feeling the braxton hicks for the first time! Woohoo!
Belly Button in or out? Becoming more shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: All good in the hood!
Looking forward to: Getting more things done in the nursery and hopefully sharing it all with you soonish!


  1. Almost to 30 weeks!

    Glad all your tests came back positive :)


  2. Wow it's flying by! So glad all is good :)
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  3. No stretch marks and still in a good mood? You're winning this one! ;)


  4. Found you off Bailey Schneider's site! Always great to see fellow saffa'rs adventures abroad. :)

  5. You look great! I'm 29 weeks too woot!

  6. awww you look great!!! Im 34 weeks so right there with you and excited to meet our little lady! love seeing other prego mamas oxxo