17 February 2012

Not just any kitchen wall...

As promised, I'm going to show you how the kitchen turned out after our whole 
apartment makeover marathon.
(Hallway makeover ~here~ and Living Room progress ~here~)

When it came down to it, there was actually not too much we could do in the kitchen. Its a huge space (for NY living) but most of it is made up of cabinetry which we unfortunately could not change or paint (boo!) since we're only renting.

So today I'm going to share with you how we spruced up these horrendous lime green walls.


The people who lived in the apartment before us said that they decided to get a little crazy one night and paint the walls lime green! 
It was hard not to look at them like "WHAT THE HECK were you thinking?" 
All I knew was that they had to go! So go they did!

With the leftover white paint we had from the Hallway, we covered up that green and then I did something really cool with the wall that is next to our fridge... CHALKBOARD PAINT!


I absolutely love our chalkboard wall! Its a great place for notes, checklists and of course a weekly due date countdown.

The clock is another IKEA gem and works perfectly against the black wall. 
We picked up some chalkboard markers (they are so much easier and less messy then real chalk) and are having so much fun scribbling on the wall. 


  1. I love this!I need to do something like this in my house! I love the due date calendar :D Not that much longer for you!

  2. Chalkboard markers? That's an amazing idea! I will have to try that! Chalkboard paint is the best!

  3. I LOVE the makeover! WOW! I'm so glad someone has finally showcased Chalkboard paint... I've been dying to use it, but truthfully I was worried it wouldn't work all that well!
    Have a happy weekend
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  4. love the chalkboard! I wish we could paint in our apartment!

  5. I love the after, specially the chalkboard :)


  6. Totally love this..sppp(I've also always wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen)You have an incredible on:-) Way to go!
    Thanks for helping me figure out the whole blog comment thing, technology is definitely not my forte)Love, Jenny;-)

  7. What a great transformation! And love that chalk wall!



  8. I have absolutely LOVED following your appartment make-over, you are amazing! And i love, Love, LOVE reading your blog! The kitchen looks fab, and the chalkboard wall looks like such fun!

  9. This turned out great! Maybe you should become an interior decorator after baby arrives :) All of your DIYs turn out so professional! I definitely want to have chalkboard paint in our kitchen one day.


  10. I like it, what a big difference some paint can make:)

  11. So cute! Where oh where did you find your chalkboard markers? I have searched and searched and all the workers in the stores looked at my all crazy-like and said they don't exist.... help! :)

    1. I found them at AI Freidman in all sorts of colors.

  12. this is so cute!! :) i love the baby countdown!

  13. You've made such a lovely home for your baby. You must be very excited!