3 February 2012

Who will you support this Super Bowl Sunday?


There is no getting away from it... The Super bowl is this Sunday!!!
It's a tense time in my house since I support the Patriots and my husband supports his beloved Giants. I've debated with myself wether to just give in and support the Giants since I'm clearly outnumbered around these parts, but I can't go back on my Pats since they were the first team I cheered on when I first came to the States and lived in Maine back in 2005 (the year the Patriots won the Super bowl).

Have a great weekend!

Are you watching the big game this weekend?
Who do you support?


  1. Oh boy, I've got to come clean about this one, I HATE american football, but have fallen head over heels in love with rugby. And, the bf has grown to love american football since he spent a semester studying in south carolina. I think he'll be rooting for the patriots :) You're not alone!


  2. Well, I'll probably be doing yoga during that time, but maybe I support the Patriots since my first vehicle (a 1985 chevy) was decked out in patriots things when I got it. I left the decorations up....Hmmm. This is kind of unrelated. XD