13 February 2012

30 weeks!

Can't believe I've only got 10 weeks to go!!!!

How far along? 30 weeks, 3 days
Maternity clothes?Although the belly is getting HUGE I'm still fitting into regular shirts and maternity jeans/leggins.
Stretch marks? None, baby is packing on the pounds now (1/2 lb every week) so we'll see... EEEK!
Sleep: Sleeping can be painful. It takes a lot of effort to switch from left to right side and if I stay on one side for too long my pelvic bones get sooooo sore.
 Best moment this week: Setting up the crib :) and building the mobile (a DIY come soon).
Miss Anything? Being able to move around easily, walk without a waddle... my list could go on.
Movement: Very active in there!
Food cravings: Not really
Anything making you queasy or sick: Had a couple of dizzy spells and a little bit of queasyness, but nothing I can't handle.
Have you started to show yet: Starting to feel HUGE!
Labour Signs: Braxton Hicks
Belly Button in or out? Its so weird how shallow its become, still not sure if its gonna "pop!"
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Feeling great!
Looking forward to: Is it too soon to say that I'm looking forward to not being pregnant? haha!


  1. Awww such a cute photo of you and your hubs! Can't believe you're already at 30 weeks :) You look amazing!


  2. Kate ....LOVE. Peru should be in all the photo's from now on. TOO cute. LOVE you guys xoxoxox

  3. Hi!

    I've been reading your blog since I came across your weekly pics on Pinterest a while back (maybe from week 14?).

    Anyways, I am 25 weeks pregnant - and you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD about sleeping in this post! I couldn't have said it better myself!

    <3 Andrea

  4. Kate you look AMAZING can you be any more CUTE....No I don't think so..the cutest:-) and for Mikey I know he used to be really cute "Once upon a LONG LONG time ago" not sure what happened to him...LOL!!!!!