1 February 2012

DIY Dresser Dress Up

Moving into our new (storage lacking) apartment with hardly any furniture to our name meant that we would have to either spend an extra $500+ on some new dressers or we could suck it up and use the hideous blue/grey plasticy looking specimens that were left behind by the guy before us.

This is what we had to work with...

As you can see, they are very plain and covered with a shiny laminate (eww!), they were quite the eye-sore and obviously in need of some TLC.

I originally asked the previous tenant to get rid of them, but when I had discovered that he had left them behind (probably since they weigh a ton each!) I decided to give them a new life with a lick of paint and some hardware.

I decided to use the bigger one in our bedroom and try my hardest to match it to the dresser that we already had in there (originally from target).
First I drilled holes in the drawers where the knobs were going to be installed. I then painted 2 coats of glossy black (which would stick to the laminate surface). I installed the silver knobs once the paint had dried and voila! like new.

Look how well it matches the other dresser in our room (please excuse all the clutter on top!)

The smaller dresser was headed to the nursery but before it could end up there I gave it the same makeover, but with white paint (I used very thick trim/door paint) and some clear acrylic knobs this time.

The holes in the drawers were easier to drill on this one since it involved a lot less measuring to find the right spot because I was only adding 1 knob per drawer instead of 2.

After only 1 coat of paint, I added the hardware.

And again, we have a brand new looking dresser.


  1. They look really great! Our house lacked storage too. I ended up buying a lot of small dressers and such.


  2. Wow lady you are a pro! I could never pull this off - they turned out great! :)