5 July 2012

Hot Dogs, Watermelon & Fireworks. Zoey's FIRST holiday.

I'm sure by now you are totally sick of reading posts about what everybody did on the 4th July, but there is no other way to end this weeks patriotic theme. PLUS this one involves a cute baby.

It's funny how much I love celebrating American holidays (being South African and all). Decked out from head to toe in red, white and blue; I can get pretty patriotic about my new home. 'merica!

We had a semi-low key day with my mom, Mike's dad and a couple of cousins coming over to our apartment for a pre-fireworks BBQ. We The boys grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in true American fashion and we sipped on cocktails while soaking up (or sweating out) the nearly 100 degree New York weather.

Yes, you may laugh at our tiny grill!
With all the eating that is involved when celebrating America's birthday, we almost lost track of time and rushed to go see the fireworks. I stuck Zoey in her sling and she immediately fell asleep (babies don't appreciate fireworks). Down the road from our apartment there is a waterfront park/beach where you have clear views of the Long Island Sound. Not only did we get to see "our" display, but we had great views of the neighbouring towns displays too.

How did you celebrate your July 4th?


  1. She is so so cute and smily! Glad you had a great 4th of July and were able to celebrate it with your mama :)


  2. Zoey is too cute and I love her all american outfit!
    Looks like a lovely firework display! (We missed out on that this year since all fireworks are currently illegal in CO) Glad you had a happy 4th!!

  3. Love the pictures, and Z is cute as always! We stayed in for the most part this year... Tennessee has had 100+ temps for over a week with absolutely no rain, so fireworks were banned pretty much everywhere except for the pro shows where the FD was on site. They also instated a burn ban, which made most grilling (except for propane) illegal and a Class A misdemeanor. Kinda put a damper on all of our holiday plans! We did go to a friend's house for a BBQ (propane, yay!), but afterwards we went home. My big sweaty hot pregnant self just wasn't feeling going outside to watch the big firework show. :(

  4. Dude Zoey is so FRIKKIN cute!! You did so so good! Miss you! Xxxx

  5. Zoey looks ADORABLE. I'm an Aussie living in SA, and I have an American expat friend here so we attempted an 4th of July braai, South African style...

  6. your baby is ADORABLE!! so cute! and love the headband! x