15 July 2012

Mommy Monday: Whats in your diaper bag?

  • Diapers (of course) I prefer the pampers swaddlers.
  • Wipes. I don't prefer any specific brand, I just buy whatever is cheapest.
  • Aquaphor cream to prevent diaper rash
  • Burp Cloth (I use the receiving blankets from the hospital)
  • Light Blanket (warmer blanket in colder weather)
  • Pacifiers. I always bring 2 just in case one of them drops.
  • My madela cooler bag which keeps my milk cold until I need to feed the baby.
  • A spare onesie in case of spit up or diaper explosion (this one can be purchased in my shop)
  • A notebook where I write down each time my baby eats or how long she naps for (to help me remember when I last fed her etc.)
  • Piglet snuggle blanket. Zoey love holding things in her hands at this stage and she loves snuggling with this little pig.


  1. Love this, sounds like a great list.

  2. I found an app (iBaby) which really is helpful in recording feedings etc. I kept losing my notebook! ha!

  3. Great list! I got one of those new mom journal notebooks that helps keep track of all of that stuff this last weekend at my shower. I've started kinda packing my diaper bag... I think I have diapers, wipes, cream, 2 receiving blankets, and hand sanitizer. Not a bad start!