24 May 2011

The Summer Bucket List

THERE ARE 28 MORE DAYS TILL SUMMER! But whose counting? haha.

Growing up on the east coast of South Africa, I am still new to the fact that Summer is not an all-round season. In my small beach town temperatures would still be up in their 70's when winter rolled around, so I am still getting used to Seasons, but I love them!

Winter is so much fun for me because it brings snowboarding, sledding and snowmen. I get so excited when there is a blizzard and I don't even mind spending 20 minutes defrosting my car in the mornings. But Summer is so exciting! People climb out of their frozen depressions and are all in a better mood, there are sunny days spent in the park, hiking, BBQ's, sun tanning on the beach and cocktails on the deck to look forward to.

Summer 2011 has big shoes to fill. Last year was the best Summer of my life! I met my husband and fell in love, spent lots of special times with amazing friends, went on many road trips, explored California and helicoptered into the Grand Canyon with my mom, hiked, camped, rocked out at Warped Tour and just had a blast every day!

New York is a great place to be with so much to do. (obviously!) There are tons of parks, Long Island is close by for a day at the beach and there are some great mountains for hiking just a short drive upstate. So to make the most of this Summer I have constructed a list of everything I would like to get up to. I'm sure some things might change and there will be LOTS MORE added to it but without any further ado may I present to you... (drum roll please) The 2011 Summer Bucket List:

<span class=Photobucket">

  • Beach it up and get a tan (ummm... duh!)

  • Canoe on the Hudson River

  • Watch an outdoor movie. I have always wanted to go to one of those film screenings in a park. (just like in the movies)

  • Picnic at the Ladies Pavilion, Central Park 6/4/2011. This date will mark Hubby and my 6 month wedding anniversary. (WOAH! Half a year already.) We shall spend the day picnicking at the very spot we were married in Central Park.

  • Attempt to play tennis. The hubby has some serious tennis skills and is actually a tennis instructor. He tried to teach me how to play last year, but I failed miserably. Lets try again!

  • Bohemian Hall and Beer garden is the oldest beer garden in NYC and with them celebrating their 1ooth birthday this year, it just looks like a great place to hang out for an evening.

  • Central Park Summer Stage. Who doesn't love FREE entertainment?

  • Mountain Jam! My attempts to attend this awesome looking weekend festival last year failed so hopefully I can make it happen this year?

  • Lots of hiking. Its such a great workout and so much fun!

  • White Water Rafting. I have been dying to do this for ages!

  • Coney Island. I am not going to battle the crowds on the day of the hot dog eating contest, but I would love to pay Coney Island a visit.

  • Host a big 4th July BBQ. My family has doubled tripled quadrupled since December (Mike has a large family) and it would be so great to get everyone together for a big shindig this year. This will need a lot of organizing skills.


  1. your summer last year sounds amazing! Like a fairytale:) .. I hope this year brings lots more for you..

  2. Great list! I wish we had summer all year round... I bet South Africa was so amazing. Why would you ever move?? I'm in Maine...a bit further north than NY, but I know NY is so fabulous in the summer :) Enjoy!

  3. @Amber

    I shall be blogging about my reason to leave SA a little further down the line. I actually used to live in Maine for a ski season back in 2004/2005! It was so much fun and BEAUTIFUL up there. I have made many road trips back up there since moving here.

  4. I just came across your blog & love it! Your summer bucket list is a gooood idea, i just might be stealing it from you and creating my own! :) haha I hope you don't mind me following your blog- i love NYC!...and your posts!

  5. @Austrie

    WELCOME! So happy to have you as a follower. Summer just flys by so having a bucket list is a good idea to make the most of the awesome weather. You should totally make one!!

  6. Your summer bucket list sounds amazing. Can I come hangout with you?! Hahaha!
    Congrats on (almost) 6 months.. it goes so fast huh?!
    You're SO cute.. I'm so glad I found your blog!!