31 May 2011

How Gumby and I celebrated memorial day

To be honest, I had secretly planned on spending my memorial day napping, getting my netflix on, spending some time tweaking my blog design and just being totally lazy. (It was a long week, don't judge!) But on the drive to drop off the husband at work I noticed a whole bunch of people sitting on the side of the road just down the street from us. I had totally forgotten about the parade. AND I love parades! I rushed home, grabbed Gumby and my camera and off we went to join in the festivities.

I love how patriotic Americans are. I even get a little chocked up seeing waving flags, cheering crowds, military personal and brave veterans. The sun was out in full force and Gumby enjoyed the fresh air and especially being able to dig in the grass to his little hearts content. He was really popular and lots of kids came over to ask what he was and if they could pet him. Gumby was very tolerable of all the sticky hands pawing at him. What a good boy!
As soon as the parade was over we headed home to rehydrate ourselves with ice cold water. Our apartment was so hot (its on the 3rd floor, hot air rises... its science!) and all we had to keep cool were open windows and one lousy fan so after picking up the husband from work we headed out to buy an AC. PHEW! Just in time for the 80 degree weather all week!

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  1. gumby is so cute! hehe my dog kind of reminds me of a ferret- long and short!

    i love parades toooo.. i missed the one in town, but i could hear it from my house!