23 May 2011

Weekend roundup: Rapture edition

Well, it is Monday again. Congratulations on surviving the apocolypse! Despite missing out on being swollwed into the earth by a deadly earthquake, my weekend was pretty eventful.

Straight after work on Friday I raced up to Conneticut with my friend, Jen to a 3 Doors Down concert. We arrivd just in time to catch the opening bands Hinder and MOST
IMPORTANTLY the amazing South African band, Seether.

The Comcast theartre in Hartford is a pretty cool venue since its not too huge and although we had seat tickets there is a lawn area behind the seats which would be a great place to bring a blanket and chill with your friends. The show ended just after midnight and although I almost fell asleep at the wheel making the 2 hour drive back home, it was definatly worth it.

Saturday evening was spent at the roller derby. I've been wanting to check out a derby ever since I watched the movie Whip It. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Those chicks are awesome and it just looks like so much fun. As soon as I got home that night I started googling where I can get my hands on a pair of roller skates. I would love to do something like that, I just have to step up my roller skating skills (which have been pretty much non-exsistent since the age of 9).


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  1. 2 hours back from hartford is pretty good! i guess it was late enough that the traffic went to sleep? haha.. my best friend lives just outside that area and whenever i visit i allllllways pick the wrong route and sit in traffic for houuuurrrss. it s a curse.

    sounds like a fun weekend .. i've never seen a roller derby.. fun!

    also, i definitely recommend hiking in High Tor State park.. it was really great! another good place for hiking is cold Spring, NY. it's on the east side of the Hudson and about 20 minutes further than high tor, but i looooove it there.