27 May 2011

food obsessed and ITS THE WEEKEND!

Well someone is looking a tad bit obsessed seeing as my last 3 posts were about food. Despite what you may see... this is not a food blog, I promise. But I love cooking and if I make something good, you're gonna hear about it.

I have fallen in love with berries this week (alright there, weirdo!) This parfait was A to the M to the A ZING! I emptied out a container of Danon light&fit coconut&pineapple yogurt, poured in some koshi go lean crunch, cut up some strawberries and added a couple raspberries and blackberries. (total cal: about 200) YUMMY!

On another note: ITS THE WEEKEND! On a sadder note: Its my last weekend with my friend, Jen who is moving back to South Africa. :( But we are making the most of this sunny LONG weekend (yay for memorial day.)


  1. aw, i hope you have a fun weekend with your friend! and yeah that looks amazing. i wish i had it with me right now because i'm about to eat some chocolate if i can't find something tasty and healthy in the next 5 minutes!