3 August 2011

dunna... dunna... SHARK WEEK!

"Dude, it's shark week!"
"I know Dude, I haven't seen sunlight in 4 days!"
Are you watching Shark Week? How could you not, with Andy Samberg hosting and such great titles as "Shark After Dark"! I also can't pass an opportunity to catch some awesome South African accents when people are crazy enough to cage dive in my motherland. Speaking of which, how breath taking is this video below of a Great White at Seal Island (off the coast of South Africa) which shoots up from deep within the ocean and jumps completely out of the water in an attempt to nab a seal? WOW!
Glad I'm not a seal.

Growing up right by the sea, I am no stranger to sharks. We always had shark nets in the bathing areas of our beachs, except during the Sardine Run which can be a really dangerous time for divers and fishermen. And yes, we have Great Whites where I grew up! EEEEK!
 In school, we used to take field trips to the Sharks Board where they would do dissections in front of us, sometimes resulting in some CRAZY stomach content.
I won't gross you out anymore.
My grandfather used to do some work for the Shark's board and would always have interesting shark teeth for us to look at and learn from which was so interesting.
 While I do find them pretty damn scary, I have a big respect for sharks and think they are very beautiful creatures.

I am currently catching up on Shark Week with some repeated episodes during the day at work (I don't have cable at my house) But if it was later, or perhaps on a friday night, I would totally take part in this hilarious Shark Week drinking game.


  1. Sharks totally freaks me out! I think it was watching jaws when I was a kid. :) that drinking game makes me laugh.

  2. Your drinking game is hysterical! Shark week is a ton of hokey fun.

  3. shark weeeeek!

    sharks are scary. i've seen them from the beach.. luckily from the sand and not the surf. ick. so scary.

    i like them better when they are waaaay out in the ocean and i am in the surf hehe

  4. or better yet when they are on tv!