11 August 2011

My Celebrity Crush: Russell Brand

When you ask most people which celeb they are crushing on, I'm sure they will swoon over telling you their feelings for Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, George Clooney or maybe a Jonas Brother (are they still cool?)

Well, not me!
Give me the big haired, loud mouthed, Russell Brand any day!

I used to live in England, and from the first time I spotted the charismatic Brand hosting a TV show called 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' I was hooked. I then found out he had a radio show and from that day on my Saturday nights were reserved for tuning into BBC Radio 2 while arranging my flower deliveries for the week (I used to be a florist) and laughing for a solid 2 hours listening to the antics of Russell Brand, Matt Morgan and re-occurring guest Noel Gallagher on their hilarious talk show. 

Russell then started acting in movies and became more popular in America about the same time I came over to the states. I was so happy because more people got to experience the wit and hilarity of this crazy character and less people thought I was weird for crushing on someone who wore more eyeliner then I did.

When Russell was in New York filming his comedy special, I found out he was doing a book signing at Barnes and Nobel in The City. 
I was on the next train into Manhattan.
I literally RAN across Union Square with minutes to spare and joined the snaking line to meet my biggest idol.
I almost hyperventilated.

When it was my turn, I stepped up to him (legs wobbling) and tried my best to stay calm. We ended up chatting for a bit when he heard my accent and when we parted he gave me a big kiss ON THE LIPS!
Phew! How much better could meeting your star crush go?

The next year I found out that they were shooting the 'Sarah Marshall' sequel, 'Get him to the Greek', at the Today Show stage in NYC. 
Of course, I was on the next train into Manhattan.

I joined a big crowd and stood around for ages watching them set up filming. 
This is when I did a pretty crazy thing~
I saw a gap in the metal barriers between the crowd and the film extras. I snuck through the gap and found a sticker on the floor that indicated to the crew that you were an extra on set. I stuck it on and blended in. We then began filming and suddenly I was in a movie!
We ended up doing the Today show stage scene over and over and over again. 
I absolutely loved it. Russell came out into the crowd and we were instructed to act crazy and grope and grab him. Something that my level of acting skills had no problem with.
I pinched his butt!

Although there were a lot of people in the scene, you can still spot me a few times and whenever I refer to "Get Him to The Greek" it's always called "My movie".
"Would you like to borrow my 'Get Him to The Greek' DVD... you know, MY movie?"
"Oh have you watched MY movie yet? Its a knee-slapper!"

Whether its his acting skills, radio shows, interviews or stand up comedy; Russell Brand makes me laugh. And you know what they say? Girls love guys who can make them laugh. 

Who is your celebrity crush?


  1. i've always thought that russell brand has really nice bone structure haha. idk....anyway my celeb crush is def coach taylor from friday night lights!

  2. Haha love your story about sneaking onto the set of Get Him to the Greek. So fun! xo

  3. haha I LOVE russel :) i think this is a future facebook profile pic ! lol he cracks me up so much.

  4. I love this post and I adore Russel Brand. It is so cool that you were a part of the movie (no matter how small). And you got to touch him!


  5. hehehe he really is beautiful. I am so happy you got to meet him, you are one lucky girl! My celebrity crushes are always changing, right now it's Henry Cavill!

  6. I totally share your sentiment, and clearly had to click on this post since it included his name :)

    Back in the day, my best friend and I had Jonas-Brother equivalent crushes on Hanson - specifically Taylor and Zac. She called me up one day about a year ago (from Boston) to tell me about some charity walk they were doing in Time Square - I totally snuck out of the office (by myself!) to head over there and meet them! Although there was no butt pinching, and I'm decidedly more of the RB persuasion in my older age, so am super jealous of your story! Awesome!

  7. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds etc etc. I could go on and on but those are my top three for sure!!