29 August 2011

When Irene came to visit

This week was certainly a crazy one for us East Coasters. First an earthquake (okay okay, we hardly felt it... but still!) and then a Hurricane graced us with it's presence yesterday.

The mayor and the media did hype up the storm a little too much, but we prepared ourselves by watching as many movies as possible in one sitting (in case the power went out later) got out the one flashlight we owned (no spare batteries), lit a Yankee candle and scoffed our faces with Key Lime Pie (essential hurricane food).

Nothing too crazy happened around our apartment but down the road there was a lot of flooding. The next morning I went out to investigate and snapped these pictures for ya!

Thank goodness we didn't loose power in our area, and the City did such a great job of cleaning up. By the evening most of the roads were open again, water had been pumped out and people were working hard to clean away fallen trees and restore power lines.

Were you effected by Hurricane Irene? How do you prepare for huge storms?


  1. So crazy! Glad that you're safe. :)


  2. Oh that is so crazy!! I'm so glad you guys were ok!!

  3. makes me wonder who Irene is :)

    glad you guys are ok !

  4. OH MY! A little flooding?!? Those cars were underwater! That really stinks :/ Glad you missed the worst of it!

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  5. Oh my goodness these pics are crazy! Can't below new york got so flooded.

    Glad you guys are safe and sound!


  6. Ah! These pictures are so crazy! So glad you are alright! xo

  7. It's still on the news here in Oz, glad that you made it through with not too much damage.

  8. wow. intense flooding, that's for sure. that second picture is kinda cool (in spite of the circumstances, that is)

    love your booooots!