23 November 2011


This morning when I logged into my blogger account I saw something that I think is pretty cool.

This little blog of mine has hit it's first milestone. 100 Followers! 
Sure, it may not be a HUGE number like some blogs with over 2000+ but I still think its pretty awesome. 
I just love my little corner of the web where I can express myself, ramble on and of course I love all of you guys who stop by for a visit! 

Thank you everyone for supporting A South African in New York with your comments and emails. I love being a part of this blogging community and you all make my heart smile. 

Bring out the fireworks!


  1. Yay! Such a great milestone. Every number should be celebrated. :)


  2. Congrats Kate!! Great news and you really deserve it! Great blog!

  3. congrats! I just stumbled on your gem of a blog. I swear I have always thought South African girls are the prettiest of all nationalities!

  4. Hi Kate, I'm a Saffa in Dubai, AND I am 4 months pregnant! So I read every post of yours. I also love Pronutro :)

  5. @Heddles
    That is soooo awesome! We'll like twins on different continents. :)