1 November 2011

Post halloween depression

So, Halloween is over and after spending the day reading every one's blogs about their spooky weekends and amazing costumes I have some major Halloween jealousy and sadness that I never actually did much to celebrate this year. Besides carving this orange of course.

I love dressing up, but we made the decision a while ago that we would not go out this year (pregnant ladies don't really belong in clubs/bars even if I could stay awake that late to begin with) But when the weekend rolled around I decided I could possibly muster up some energy, but of course I had nothing to wear.

On Halloween Monday I spent the day nannying for a little 1 year old pumpkin. I made her wear that outfit ALL DAY LONG until her mom got home to take her out trick or treating. My husband then informed me that he was off that night (he had very late notice from work and usually works evening shifts) so off I rushed to the Halloween costume store, Target and even Spencers to see if I could find any last minute costumes since I was now determined to go out! Unfortunately the pickings were pretty sparse (as they would be on actual Halloween night) and I am really fussy about having a good looking costume. PLUS I wanted something prego related as it is not every year that you are pregnant on Halloween. After my last minute attempts to celebrate failed my husband promised to take me out for a nice dinner, but of course I was totally exhausted by the time I got home so we ended up just ordering Chinese Take Out and watching horror movies. Of course after this whole fiasco I have found the perfect Halloween outfit via on deliacreates Blog

found here

Wouldn't that have been the most awesome AND SIMPLE mummy costume? My hubby could have gone as a daddy-mummy, and all we would have needed was some bandages! 

So after buying a bag of 50% off fun-sized candy today, I have learnt my lesson about feeling left out of such fun American holidays and swear that I will be prepared for next year! By then we will have a little 6 month old to dress up (what a crazy thought!) and I am already thinking up some ideas for an awesome family outfit!


  1. that mummy costume is fabulous!!

  2. Awww I'm also kind of bummed that we don't really celebrate in SA, but I guess it's easier because no one does, ha!


  3. Love the costume idea!! Next year you'll be dressing your baby up...how exciting :)
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  4. oh man that mummy costume is definitely hilarious. i've missed halloween before.. no fun.. but yeah next year with a little baby.. THAT will be a good halloween! :)

  5. I love the orange! Way easier to carve than a pumpkin! You could make an army of orange! (But not an army of orange babies! Congrats on your little one!)

  6. Ahh that mummy costume is amazing..sure wish I would have seen that as well! Hang in there - we will really get to overdo it on the drinking for Halloween next year! :)