18 November 2011

Package Pals

I was very lucky to get to participate in Gentri Lee's Package Pals Party where we were partnered up with a random blogger who we got to know and then exchange little parcels with.
I got to swap packages with the very adorable Michaela who blogs over at Typewriter Keys. Michaela lives in Iowa and is super talented in the sewing department as you will find out.
I wanted to send Michaela a New York themed box of goodies and decided to make up a New York survival kit in case she ever visits this side of the country.

1. A note pad and pencil to record her journey.
2. Hand sanitizer. It kills 99% of New York germs. This comes in handy, especially when riding the subway.
3. NYC lip gloss for when you need to glam it up on the Manhattan streets.
4. Candy (sour gummy worms - M's favorite) to keep energy levels up
5. Yankees rain poncho because the NY weather is very unpredictable.
6. Everybody needs a I (heart) NY t-shirt as a souvenir.
I was just thrilled when I received such a big juicy box in the mail! Gumby was very curious as to what was inside and really enjoyed all rummaging around in the stuffing it came with.

Look at all the goodies she sent! An Iowa T-shirt and a little Iowa onesie, a packet of Gladcorn (this stuff is amazing, and I'm now totally addicted!), vintage key, scented candle (I just LOVE the name, hehe! And it smells absolutly delicious), a picture of her favorite tree, Iowa magnet and (drumroll please...) a baby blanket that she sewed herself! I'm soooo impressed.
I loved everything about the package I recieved, especially the very thoughtful baby stuff for my little future Llambok!

Thank you Michaela for being such an awesome person to exchange packages with and a BIG thank you to Gentri for putting together such a fun project. Keep 'em coming!


  1. What lovely thoughtful packages! Really special! Great idea!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. How wonderful! This sounds like so much fun!


  3. So awesome....a Number of bloggers do it here too...think I should give it a go next time....

  4. Kate, girl, you are rockin that hawks tee! You were an awesome package pal!

  5. This whole package sending is a pretty cool idea!