28 November 2011

My First Thanksgiving

Are you guys still stuffed full of turkey?

This year was a special Thanksgiving for me. It was Mike and my first Thanksgiving as a married couple and the very first Thanksgiving in the 3 years of living in the US that I've celebrated it the way it was meant to be celebrated: with lots of food, family and fun!

Carving the most delicious turkey I've ever tasted in my life! My cousin cooked it in a smoker so it was juicy and just sooooo tasty!

Food, glorious food.
The family
We went around the table and everyone expressed what they were thankful for. After dinner we played a few games before passing out in a total food coma. 
What a perfect Thanksgiving!

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  1. Awww so glad you got to enjoy a proper Thanksgiving! Looks like you had fun :)

    AND - your adorable bump is really starting to show now - I love it!