9 November 2011

Handmade Christmas

Do you realize that Christmas is 46 days away? WHAT!?
I have always loved handmade gifts instead of some of the rubbish that retail stores try to get you to buy.
Why not buy homemade AND support the little man? Well, Sarah has some awesome Christmas-gift-worthy stuff in her etsy shop. If I was you, I'd go check it out!

Helloooo! I'm Sarah and I blog over at A Lost Feather. Kate is super awesome for having me over today.. actually she's super awesome regardless, but today she's helping me out in spreading the word about my Etsy Shop.. conveniently called A Lost Feather

Since the holidays are coming it's time to compete with those big stores that can air commercials on TV. Maybe one day I will have a commercial- but not today! I'm offering anyone who can help me spread the word about my shop, a high resolution file of one of my popular prints, "Girl and Wolves" so you can print it at home and a 10% off coupon code to use in my shop! Please visit here for more information about how to participate! (it's super easy!) I appreciate your help immensely.
Thanks for reading! Happy handmade holidays! (Once it really is the season!)
Love, Sarah


  1. i've decided this year i'm going to do a lot of my xmas gift shopping on Etsy :)