1 June 2011

First BBQ of the Year

This is a big deal.
BBQ's are my thing!
So much so that last summer my friend even got annoyed because that is all I wanted to do. But there is nothing like good food, good friends and being outdoors.
This weekend we christened the first BBQ of the year. This needed to be a special one as this would be the last American BBQ with my friend Jen. There were balloons, colorful tables clothes, frisbee and american football. Mike took to the grill like a champ and cooked up burgers of all kinds (beef, turkey & vegie).
We ate, drank and were very merry until it got late and the mosquitos got a bit too much.
What a fun day and a perfect send off for Jen!

strawberries, vegetable bake & turkey burger... YUM!
This flamingo's name is Penguin (don't ask) He goes everywhere with us.

Let the summer of endless time outdoors begin!


  1. I am so with you on this one! I LOVE bbq's and can't wait for many more this summer!

  2. this looks like funnnn! i loooove bbqs too :) especially when there are lots of picnic tables involved for lots of friends! and balloons.. those are fun too.

    i reaaaaallly really like that the flamingo's name is penguin hehe