14 July 2011

Another step closer...

Today was a big day for me.
In the seemingly never ending process of becoming a US citizen, I finally hit a landmark this morning. Mike and I headed downtown, where at 26 Federal Plaza we were interviewed for my adjustment of status for permanent residence, which in English means I will be able to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.
WOO to the HOO for that!

The above picture is the line OUTSIDE the building. The line still twists and winds inside before you even reach security. But this is nothing! Last time we came here for an appointment, the line LITERALLY wound itself all the way around the block and it took almost an hour of standing outside in the snow to get inside. Craziness I tell you! It is unbelievable to think about how many immigrants there are in America. I guess everybody (including this South African) wants their own American Dream.

The interview itself was a piece of cake, but kind of weird. The officer started by asking my husband how we met and then asked me if we exchanged numbers that first night? Odd right? But I do remember, very clearly, how we exchanged numbers that Summer evening just over a year ago. Him storing my name under "SOUTH AFRICAN KATE" and I retorted by saving him under "MIKE PERU". From then on we would be known as Saffakate and Peru.
She went back and forth between us, asking about each other's parents, birthdays, anniversary, what we had in common etc. I never knew it would be this intense! Luckily we know each other very well (I guess that is why they ask). You could ask me absolutely anything about Mike and I would be able to tell you the answer right away, down to the time he was born. (7:11 just like the convenience store!)

I shall be receiving my permanent residence card in just under 30 days and I am so excited. I can finally apply for my New York State driver's licence, register for school and all those other great benefits that come with being an American.


  1. Ahhh so excited for you!~ And I cant WAIT to see your blog- Your gorgeous, love love the hello photo strip!

  2. Congrats :) I know I have a few perm res friends and they are working on becoming a US citizen.

  3. That's wonderful! Congrats!


  4. aw, congratulations! that's pretty exciting :)