15 July 2011

Still Derby Dreaming...

Ever since watching my first Roller Derby bout I have been totally hooked!
I am determined to one day become a derby skater, but between 12 hour work shifts, sleep deprivation and jam packed weekends I have yet to begin to practise on my (fairly) new skates.

The whole Derby atmosphere is incredible. Watching those ladies skate is just so empowering, not to mention how cool their outfits are. (I'm a punk at heart!) Last weekend Mike and I watched the Botoxic Avengers take on the Country Clubbers from our front row (crash zone!) VIP seats. This was Mike's first time at a game and he got right into it, ringing his cowbell every time The Botoxic Avenger's jammer took the lead. The scores remained close the entire time and after a crazy finish the Country Clubbers took first place by a couple of points.

It is so much fun to attend these derby's and a real kick-in-the-butt motivation to get on my skates and practise.


  1. ah one of my best friends is a derby girl! i was always too scared of breaking to try it haha
    xo dana

  2. I've always wanted to watching a roller-derby, still hoping I have the opportunity soon!

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